Analyst Program

Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas

VP of Investments

Thomas Dixon

Thomas Dixon

VP of Investments


Skill Development

  • Fundamentals of Equity Selection & Analysis
  • Financial Modelling & Valuation

Career Preparation

  • Build interview skills & mock interview reps
  • Gain transferable experience to the work environment

Mentorship & Networking

  • Connect with current LIFA Analysts & LIFA Alumni

Our Goal

The Analyst Program is designed to provide beneficial experience to our most motivated members. This program will touch various facets of value finance and provide an organizational experience to junior students.



Stock Pitches

  • 1 Group pitch with analyst "pod"
  • 1 Team pitch with a partner

Alumni Speaker Events

  • Previous LIFA analyst alumni will join meetings for special teach-ins
  • Great opportunities to network

Weekly Meetings

  • Weekly in-depth teach-ins to guide you through pitching a business, creating a pitch deck, and building valuation models
  • Developing critical soft skills