Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join LIFA?

Laurier students not limited to business and economic students can become a LIFA member. Even if you have limited knowledge about finance there are great opportunities for you to increase your knowledge as a LIFA member. We host weekly meetings every Tuesday at 10pm where our VPs of Investments will teach different finance/investing concepts to our members. LIFA is a great way for students to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable knowledge in finance and investing.


What sort of events does LIFA host?

LIFA hosts various events catered towards our mission of being dedicated to helping students position themselves for a career in finance. This includes networking events, workshops, weekly meetings, competitions and guest speaker events.


How can I become a member?

We will be boothing during the Get Involved Fair in Lazardis Hall (LH) on Friday September 7th as well as during the Club’s Fair on Orientation Day, Sunday September 9th. At our booth you can ask questions and signup to be a member.