About Us

Our mission is to develop, educate and inspire students into exploring opportunities within the finance industry. We strive to provide employers and students with the relaxed and intimate setting needed to build lasting personal and professional relationships. Our commitment to the Wilfrid Laurier University student community is to offer valuable opportunities, including unique and instructive events to interact, network and learn from today’s industry leaders.


Networking Events

LIFA hosts multiple networking events during the year, where students have the opportunity to interact with Laurier alum that are now working in different areas of finance.

Weekly Meetings & Industry Speakers

LIFA hosts weekly meetings for its members. At these meetings, the VP’s of Investments at teach students finance/investing concepts to students. These meetings are hosted every Tuesday at 10:00pm starting the second week of September. The industry speaker events are also great opportunities for students to learn more about topics they are interested in and hear from people working in the industry.


LIFA also hosts stock pitch competitions as well as business case competitions where students have the opportunity to work in groups to showcase their presentation and critical thinking skills to a panel of judges. Prizes for the competitions include opportunities to work for well known companies, as well as prize money for top finishers.

Facts (2018-2019)

% membership growth to date
# events hosted to date
# attendees for LIFA's Flagship networking event
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Events We Hosted Last Year

Alumni Networking Event

The Alumni Networking Event is an annual event where LIFA members can meet and network with Laurier alumni that now work in the finance industry. This gives students a chance to grow their network early in their career and meet potential employers for future co-op terms. This event is held in downtown Toronto (St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre last year) where drinks and food are provided to attendees in a casual stand up format. This event is not only a great way for students and alumni to network, but is also great for younger students to meet more experienced LIFA members and create future mentoring opportunities. Some examples of firms that were at last year’s event are Burgundy Asset Management, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, TD Securities and BMO Capital Markets.

BMO Capital Markets Stock Pitch Competition

In the BMO Capital Markets Stock Pitch Competition, students, either individually or in teams of two, selected a publicly traded stock which they presented to a panel of industry experts from BMO Capital Markets. Students developed an investment thesis and valued their stock in order to persuade judges that their stock was the best pick. There were two divisions for this competition, junior (1st and 2nd year students) and senior (3rd and 4th year students). This was put in place so that younger students with less experience had a chance to win the competition. Top three finishers in both divisions had their resumes accepted by BMO. In addition to this, winners won $300 per team and the runner-up for each division won $100 per team.

Where current & past LIFA Members Work